Officers of the Church

Senior Pastor: James Scholz
Pastor: Oscar Castillo
Chairman: Dan Johnston
Secretary: Erika Chamberlain
Alternate Secretary: Caol Wilkinson
Treasurer: Barb Werner
Financial Secretary: Diane Geurkink
Board of Elders:
Greg Bie (chair) Bill Harrison
Ken Beecroft (Grace) Nelson Highfield
Stan Diehl Darcy Kahle
Mike Flikkema (Grace) Al Montroy
Janko Galat David Wilker
Jack Geurkink

Board of Trustees:
Ed Oelke (chair) Keith Monk
Graham Ansell Ron Morrison
Sharon Beecroft (Grace) Fred Neumann
Fred Biser Brian Pierce
Colin Campbell Walter Procknow
Dieter Gronenberg Fred Werner
Gene Makish (Grace)

Auditors: Julie Bunce Alan Schmitt
Lay Delegates: Carol Pierce Sarah (Holden) Pizieux (alternate)


LWML Officers:
President: Pam Oelke
Vic-President: Marian Obeda
Secretary: Sandy Scholz
Treasurer: Elsie Wilker
Christian Growth: Connie Morrison
Mission Service: Arline Hensel, Shirley Kendall
Altar Guild: Marian Rutledge

We thank God for these faithful men and women whom we elected to serve this year as well as those who served in 2016. May we remember to support them in their service with our prayers and participation! To God be the glory!